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Meet the new Elite Ambassadors

We're thrilled to announce the new ambassadors who will be joining our team of Eliters in 2020/21.

A record number of contestants joined us in this second edition of the Elite Ambassador Program.

We would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiastic participation.

We carefully read each one of your applications.

To us, all entries are equally important as they express a genuine desire to deliver meaningful relations with us. You all made our competition more interesting, reminding us once again of how great it feels to be part of the cycling world.

Keep up the good work!

Training is cool, but with a complete Elite pain cave your rides and wokouts get definitely better.

That's why all our ambassadors chose to train with us this year again.

We love this Program because what we get to share with our athletes is not simply built on professional trust, but mostly real friendship.

Watching you rock your workouts on our trainers, explore new paths on your bikes with our bottles and cages, fulfill your dreams and achieve new goals wit

h us is a unique and ever new emotion.

We're proud to have you on board!

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