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Leatt: 4.5 Boots Back In Stock Now!

There are over 24 bones that give structure and mobility to the foot and ankle. Off-Road riders put a lot of punishment through their feet. From absorbing landings on big jumps, to catching your foot in a rut, on a log or root, your feet sustain a great deal of punishment, so its super important to protect them whilst maintaining great comfort and feel when riding a dirtbike. The 4.5 Boot offers advanced technology at a mid-range price point. Moto boots are undoubtedly one of the most essential pieces of protective gear a rider should invest in. This boot is designed to enhance your riding skills, through comfort and feel while protecting your feet from serious injuries should you take a fall.

From the moment you slip them on, these boots just feel outstandingly comfortable, offering all riders a spacious first-class fit, even for those with wider feet. The most impressive feature, which ensures a super secure fit, is the SlideLock system, which slides only one way then auto-locks, making them easy to fasten and offers a great seal at the top of the boot around your knee pads or braces. This system is further reinforced with strong polymer composite buckles, an over-lock system, and a stainless-steel base.

When it comes to grip, the 4.5 is top of the class due to the inside of the boot being flat and ultra-grippy using genuine rubber, this allows for superior bike feel. Another great feature is the low-profile toebox that prevents you from having to change the height of your gear shifter with new boots. What’s more, the ankle of the boot is designed to provide impressive heel grip, offering you amazing stability when riding on the toes or balls of your feet.

Available for Enduro, the sole of the boot features DualZone hardness, which means that the middle of the sole is harder, where the pegs are for durability and comfort, but the edges of the sole are softer for ease of movement.

The sole also features an extended foot peg riding zone for arch and on-the-toes riding styles. Also, the shank is reinforced with steel and CE certified, all for the safety of your precious feet! This boot also features a 3D molded inner liner that’s made of breathable mesh and features anti-slip reinforcement, so your heel won’t lift. The 4.5 Moto Boots offer premium comfort, fit, security, protection and style at a great price, if you’re looking for an affordable riding boot that will keep you safe, the Leatt 4.5 Moto Boot is for you! Available now from Cassons

RRP $389.95 Size 7-13

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