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STACYC University: Brand Learning Tools Available Now!

Presenting the STACYC University

Please use the following instruction for creating a login and accessing STACYC University.

  • Please go to this link: STACYC UNIVERSITY LOGIN

  • You will first click the “Create an Account” that is highlighted in blue.

  • This will take you to the screen referenced in the attachment provided. Fill in the requested information with “Dealer Name” being “Cassons’ Dealer” (It will auto-populate after several letters are typed.)

  • Click “Create Account” and you will be logged in and ready to begin the curriculum.

Welcome aboard and looking forward to having you all as a part of the STACYC Family!

What is STACYC?

What is STACYC™? STACYC is an electric powered push bike that bridges the gap between push bikes and bicycles /motorcycles. We provide a light weight, non-intimidating riding experience for young children Our stable bike geometry, low seat height and ergonomic features allow for easy push and glide functions, as well as exceptional powered mode fun. Break the normality and ditch the screen; engage the kids with outdoor riding and play. STACYC Inc is the brand responsible and a market leader, having already created thousands of new two-wheeled riders. STACYC has a range of electric bikes that allow kids ages 3 and older to experience the thrill of riding in more places and at their own pace.

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