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Packtalk NEO - The World's Powersports Communication System

Packtalk NEO - The World's Powersports Communication System

Cardo has launched the next iteration of its Packtalk system, the all-new Packtalk Neo. Replacing the Packtalk Bold, the Neo sits alongside the Packtalk Edge in Cardo’s advanced connectivity lineup at a lower price point. Packed with all the best-in-class technology found in the flagship Packtalk Edge motorcycle helmet unit, the Neo boasts second-generation Dynamic Mesh Connectivity with benefits including: a deep wideband sound quality, a simpler and faster grouping process in DMC mode, faster pairing in Bluetooth mode, and Live Intercom Bluetooth support. A sleek, antenna-free design makes the new unit more streamlined while offering up-to one mile of range and a variety of other benefits offered with the best-selling Packtalk Edge. SINGLE $599.95 // DUO $1099.95

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