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Get our industry-leading motocross and off-road racing helmet, now with a friendlier price tag, and as comfortable and safety-focused as ever.

BELL'S FLAGSHIP MOTORCYCLE HELMET, REIMAGINED TO BRING YOU THE SAME TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Back by popular demand is the redesigned Moto-9S Flex—the refinement of a long-standing industry leader. This strong, lightweight helmet carries over Bell's time-tested traditions of performance and advanced safety standards. Packed inside are three material layers that protect at different impact speeds and redirect rotational energy. Protection like this is what gives our motocross and off-road racers the confidence to go big. You still get the unbeatable ventilation of the flexible, segmented liner that adapts to the shape of your head for a custom feel. Top off this no-compromise design with our Tri-Matrix shell, delivering all the strength of carbon fiber in a more budget-friendly package for value that's unhear of.

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