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METZELER ROADTEC™ 01 SE is declared "TEST WINNER" in the sport touring tyre comparison

Whether it's performance on country roads, wet tarmac or in terms of durability, METZELER ROADTEC™ 01 SE achieved excellent marks in all categories in the comparative test dedicated to sport touring tyres carried out by the authoritative magazine MOTORRAD (edition 6-2021). In addition to the well-known wet performance and mileage of ROADTEC 01™ SE, the editors of the German magazine were particularly impressed by its "extraordinary sportiness" and named it "TEST WINNER" at the end of the tests.

The test took place over five days riding a BMW F 900 XR through the Provence region and on additional tracks: the six candidates in the sport touring tyre comparative were evaluated in a wide range of conditions. After 2,000 kilometers, METZELER ROADTEC™ 01 SE not only received the "TEST WINNER" award, but was also named "BEST BUY" by the editorial team in the categories "country roads / daily use" and "wear".

Handling, grip, precision, stability: these are just some of the criteria tested in which ROADTEC™ 01 SE has been able to prove itself. Regarding wet performance, the professional testers say: “Despite the strong sportiness, the grip in the rain is phenomenal [...]”. A particular advantage is the good balance between front and rear tyres. On everyday country roads, ROADTEC™ 01 SE - the abbreviation stands for “Sports Edition" - shows that it fully lives up to its name. According to the testers, the slick shoulder area, along with the new rubber compound, gives the tyre an "exceptional sportiness." In everyday life, METZELER inspires with its "neutral steering behaviour and good handling." Finally, having registered the least wear compared to the competition, the testers also defined ROADTEC™ 01 SE as the "king of mileage".

ROADTEC™ 01 SE therefore convinced the editorial staff of MOTORRAD and receives another important recognition after the victories obtained shortly after its debut on the market in the comparative magazines organised by the British publications RiDE and MCN.

ROADTEC™ 01 SE completes the METZELER offer by consolidating the strengths of ROADTEC™ 01 - its exceptional wet performance and mileage - to enhance the sporty characteristics in terms of grip and agility required by supersport, naked and sport touring riders. ROADTEC™ 01 SE is the ideal choice for motorcyclists who own naked and sport touring motorcycles, mainly used for short to medium trips outside the city, alone or with a passenger, and who are looking for a good compromise between sport performance, handling and mileage.

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