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METZELER and its riders win five world titles this enduro season.

METZELER and its riders win five world titles this enduro season. In Enduro GP Steve Holcombe is the new champion after a daring ending. The last world GP was held in Portugal and METZELER and its riders dominated the 2020 season.

Andrea Verona is the reigning E1 champion, Steve Holcombe wins the first E2 title with Beta and Brad Freeman wins the E3 class. In the Enduro GP Steve Holcombe conquests the title in the last special while Roni

Kytonen takes the title of Junior 1.

Marco de Canaveses (Portugal), 15th November 2020 – The fourth and final round of the FIM Enduro World Championship was staged once again in Marco de Canoveses, a small town a few kilometers from Porto with a path and three special tests very challenging also due to the heavy showers that hit on Sunday. The riders then raced on slippery ground and at the limit of practicability. The riders in the race faced the usual stones and rocks typical of Portuguese with very muddy areas almost all equipped with the METZELER MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME soft version.

In the Enduro GP Steve Holcombe, rider of the Team Beta Factory Enduro, reached the last round with just 4 points of advantage on his teammate Brad Freeman. The two battled it out all weekend and on Saturday Steve Holcombe lost first place in the last special test to his teammate. On Sunday Brad Freeman started with the idea of ​​winning the title and in the last special test, with the title almost in his pocket, the Beta Factory rider lost over a minute and handed the Enduro GP title to Steve Holcombe. Also present in Portugal was Josep Garcia, KTM Factory rider, who won the Enduro GP on Day 2.

Our two METZELER riders Thomas Oldrati (Team Honda RedMoto) and TM rider Andrea Verona battled for the title of the class. A Marco de Canaveses Andrea Verona dominated both days of competition and at the end he lifted the world title to the sky. The two METZELER riders equipped with the METZELER MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME chose the soft version to tackle the slippery terrain during the Portuguese weekend.

METZELER rider Steve Holcombe (Beta Factory Enduro Team) dominated the E2 class and at the end of the first day of competition he filed the world title of the class. On Day One, the English rider signed his sixth victory but on the following day Josep Garcia managed to get on the top step of the podium. On Sunday the rider Dany McCanney (Team Honda RedMoto) completes a totally METZELER podium thanks to an excellent performance. METZELER rider Brad Freeman won his second consecutive world title in the E3 class by dominating it from start to finish and winning every race day.

In the Junior 1 class Rony Kytonen (Team Honda RedMoto) won the final title of the Junior 1 class by climbing on the third final step of the Junior class. Jed Etchells (Fantic Darpa Racing Team) unfortunately lost the Youth title during the second day of competition after a leading season. For the English rider the title of vice-champion.

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