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Leatt Wins at the 2021 Design & Innovation Awards!

After winning the Design & Innovation Award for the 4.0 Helmet and 3.5 Neck Brace, Leatt has done it again with our Velocity 4.0 goggles! For demanding downhill and enduro riding, the protection offered by normal cycling glasses isn't enough and goggles usually end up overheating when worn for long periods of time. Aware of that fact, Leatt developed the Velocity 4.0 goggles, which offer the highest level of protection on the trail while providing effective ventilation.

The special mesh inserts around the edge of the wide field of view lens allow better ventilation while the lightweight and air permeable goggle straps ensure that ventilation channels on your helmet continues to function and manage heat. The verdict of the award jury is clear: the Leatt Velocity 4.0 Goggle is an excellent option for everyone who wants a high level of safety and cool looks without sacrificing comfort!

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