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Leatt AMCROSS Round 2 COOMA: Presented by Dirt Action

Round 1 OGIO AMCROSS BEGA presented by Dirt Action was a huge success and now is your chance to back it up and get some points on board for the series! Round 2 LEATT AMCROSS COOMA is hosted by the Cooma Off Road Club.

This year celebrates 20 years of the Amcross Series. With almost a year off racing for many; you could tell that every rider’s clutch fingers were twitching; eager to get back in to racing and keen for the event to be underway. 2021 sees another great line up of sponsors supporting the increasingly popular series including. Leatt. Welcome to the Thrill. You rip back the throttle… the back wheel spins out of control and dirt arcs like a fat rooster tail. The rubber grips and you’re thrust forward like a bull at an open gate. Fumes are an adrenalin shot to the heart as you surge forward, just about hanging on. You reach that point where Reason hands the bike to Instinct. “Here you go”, says Reason, “over to you”. Instinct doesn’t waver. “I got this pal… see you in a bit”. And then it’s like you’re watching yourself from outside of your body. You launch off like a tracer bullet… So high you swear your ears just popped and suddenly Reason comes back for a second and you understand that you’re actually going to survive this thing and that life is never going to feel as awesome as it does at this exact, precise second.

Leatt. The science of thrill. Leatt has an ever evolving range of helmets, body armour, braces, guards, hydration systems, apparel – whatever it takes to keep the committed Thrill seeker safer. Yours is a confidence game. And we’re in the business of making sure that you have the confidence and the equipment to push yourself faster, harder and further than you thought you could go. LEATT 2021 9.5 Helmet Carbon with Free Goggles Included: Brand New! Leatt's dedication to rider safety and scientific approach to riding gear is distinct in their advanced new 2021 range of Moto Helmets, including the 9.5 Carbon. ULTIMATE HEAD AND BRAIN PROTECTION Slipping the 9.5 Carbon Helmet onto your head, you’ll instantly notice its high quality. To say it’s possibly the most comfortable helmet is no exaggeration. Providing massive airflow at any speed, it feels exceptionally light yet remains highly protective. Naturally, all Leatt helmets are built to be compatible with the Leatt neck brace, allowing for maximum head and neck mobility. Leatt’s 9.5 Carbon is undoubtedly one of the lightest DOT/ECE approved helmets you can buy. If you are looking for a stylish helmet that features the latest technology in safety and comfort, Leatt’s 2021 range of Moto helmets is for you. The helmets feature cutting-edge brain injury reduction technology with four densities of impact foam. Remarkably lightweight, with an advanced ventilation system, their 2021 helmets meet and exceed safety standards, as well as expectations. The 9.5 also comes with a FREE pair of bulletproof Velocity goggles! PRICE AND SIZING INFORMATION Priced at $899.95, the Leatt 9.5 helmet is available from your local Aussie motorcycle store now. Sizing available from XS-XXL. For more info check out the Australian catalogue here.

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