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Leatt 2023 Moto Gear: Go Beyond


Leatt® is thrilled to announce the launch of their new 2023 moto range — their sleekest, most stylish range to date. The new range includes a variety of unique designs in riding gear, helmets, and gloves, enabling you to go beyond in style in 2023! With the pandemic majorly restricting our freedom to move over the past two years, that is no longer the case; we are now able to go out again, explore, try new things, and go beyond what we did before on two wheels. With Leatt®, you can enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

THE 2023 RIDING GEAR COLLECTION The Leatt® riding gear designs are fantastic looking and will keep you stylish while out ripping your dirt bike. The jerseys are light, have a breathable structure, and incorporates laser-cut ventilation to keep you from overheating while on the bike. Leatt® caters to all your fit needs with a variety of exceptionally comfortable materials, from tailored 360° stretch fits to 3D stretch mesh material that has a more relaxed fit. All the elbows incorporate Brush Guard protection to help prevent snagging, and the jerseys are all designed to be worn with or without body armor. These were all made with comfort in mind so that you can keep focused on the task at hand while riding.

The riding pants are made from a light, breathable structure and were designed with durability at the forefront, as we all know that dirt bike pants take a beating while out on the trails or the track. All Leatt®s pants come with reinforced leather on the inner leg and the 5.5 has a multi-layered signature Internal Knee Brace System (IKS); this reduces wear and tear from chaffing as you ride. We also offer a 3.5 ride kit which is a jersey and pants package that is of excellent quality at a fantastic price. So get ready to get out there and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. The moto 5.5, moto 4.5 lite, and our 3.5 MX kits will keep you looking stylish, ventilated, and protected.

THE 2023 HELMET COLLECTION Leatt®s latest helmets have lifted its design game with its incredible new looks for the 9.5, 8.5 and 7.5 helmets while still focusing heavily on its exceptional head and brain protection and comfort. The helmet is lined with 360° turbine discs constructed from an energy-absorption material and shape. This technology has two advantages; it reduces peak brain rotational acceleration of the head and brain by up to 40%. And secondly, it reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30%. Both potentially help to reduce the risk of concussion and therefore helps improve the impact protection. The sleek helmet designs allow for excellent ventilation and are DOT & ECE certified - allowing you not to stress while enjoying your ride. The inner helmet liners are made with moisture-wicking, washable and breathable materials to keep you cool and the Pro-Fit modulating comfort liner stretches over your head to provide superior comfort and stability. Leatt®s helmets are also designed for optimal neck brace compatibility and comes paired with a FREE matching goggle and a visor extender.

THE 2023 GLOVE COLECTION The 2023 glove range will provide your hands with the ultimate feel and protection so they can stay protected from roost, and blisters. The 3.5 lite, 2.5 x-flow, and 1.5 GripR will give you the ultimate feel and protection, giving your hands unbeaten grip and feel on the handlebars in wet and dry conditions. Our gloves incorporate a new stretch stitch thread for improved seam strength to avoid your fingers breaking through the tip of the finger as well as using the FormFit pattern that hugs your fingers contour for better grip and comfort. The stretch material on the back of the hand offers excellent airflow and is lightweight. In addition, for those looking for more protection with its Impact gel for your knuckles, check out our 3.5 lite gloves. With the exciting new range coming around the corner, Leatt® are excited to provide you with gear that will make you feel confident, so you can go beyond what you have before on two wheels. With the new designs of helmets, riding gear, and gloves, you will be looking styling while out on the track or the trails. Leatt® is proud to keep you protected so you can enjoy the outdoors safely.

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