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Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of the heated hand grip? I learned long ago that heated grips can be an asset on a bike, and I would prefer not to ride through winter without them. But am I thinking this way because that’s all we know?

ENTER IXON Ixon is a well-known name in motorcycle apparel and no stranger to the adventure market. The family-owned French company has an excellent reputation for producing durable kit and embracing innovation. Ixon has teamed up with technology company, Clim8, to produce a glove that responds to a rider’s thermal needs in real-time, the result being the IT-YATE EVO gloves. The IT-YATE EVO heats the top of the hand, right down to the tips of your fingers but the magic isn’t in the what, it’s in the how.

IXON IT-YATE EVO GLOVES GLOVES THAT KNOW, WHEN AND HOW TO KEEP YOU WARM Discover the smart and connected Heated glove for riding comfort with no limits. Ixon embeds clim8® technology to offer you the only smart and connected heated glove that knows WHEN and HOW to keep your hands warm. Equipped with an intelligent sensor, the heating system keeps your hands at a constant temperature whatever the outside conditions. They include high-quality materials, excellent natural insulation and a rainproof cuff, along with a whole host of other features, a must for winter! Intelligent temperature regulation Automatic on and off sensor Perfect heating on the most exposed zones Customize your settings with the clim8® app AU Power adaptor Available sizes S – 3XL $399.95 RRP

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