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Twin Air marks its 50th anniversary and is celebrating its status as the world’s leading motorcycle Foam Air Filter and accessories brand.

In 1972, the Motocross world was given a historic boost by a revolutionary new product: a flame laminated, dual-stage foam air filter that, when soaked in a specially developed foam air filter oil, allowed free airflow into the carburetor while providing the engine maximum protection from particles of sand, grime and water. It was not only effective, but durable, washable and reusable. The new innovative product became the beginning of Twin Air.

Today, Twin Air is a renowned brand name and the company's product line is continually evolving and expanding. The technology and design of Twin Air filters and accessories have stayed ahead of the competition for half a century and are OEM-specified to more than 30 motorcycle companies worldwide.

Our commitment to a quality production program ISO 9000-2015 is evident from our growing satisfied world-wide customer base. Twin Air strives to remain a leader in the industry by continually improving its products and services. Twin Air shares the benefits of our ISO 9001 certification with our customers and take pride in our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Twin Air will enter its 50th anniversary year with the same commitment that has propelled the brand’s global status over the last ½ century.

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