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You're Invited to ride for the Bell Team

As part of Bells partnership with Transmoto events, we have a limited number of Trade Only team spots for Cassons customers. So, if you love your Enduro riding and Transmoto events, and want to join with Bell staff as a Special Guest Rider on our team, enter here now! We'll cover the entry fees, you just bring your bike and your Bell helmet and lets go riding!



Transmoto Enduros are team-based dirt bike events that sit somewhere between a recreational trail bike rally and a full-blown enduro race. They cater to riders with an average to advanced skill level. Sure, they’re races, but you and your teammates can take them as seriously or light-heartedly as you want. Transmoto has always focused on running events with a relaxed atmosphere and an emphasis on fun. We custom-build epic 16-20km tracks, each staged on seven private properties that reach from the Sunshine Coast to Central Victoria. Each year, over 4000 riders get out and ride a Transmoto Enduro, making it the largest off-road series in the country. Get involved, we'll be there at a few upcoming events throughout the year!

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