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The Arai helmets range in Australia just keeps getting better!

The latest range of Arai Winter 2021 colourways are landing now in Australia for Aussie riders. Plus we have a great new Australian Catalogue online to help you find your next Arai helmet.

In the RX-7V , two vibrant new colorways are added to the collection, the Kiyonari Tricolour Matt and Nakagami GP2, showcasing the Moto GP level performance and protection of this racing helmet from Arai.

In Arai’s most popular selling helmet , the super comfortable Profile-V, we see two fresh new designs landing in June around Australia. The Kerb Tricolour and Kerb yellow build on an impressive range of colour options for local riders.

For the Adventure customer , the simple clean lines of the new "Adventure Grey" adds another touch of class to the XD-4 range for Adventure riders.

Finally, for the winter update, a range of on trend new colorways tor the Concept-X, a new helmet from Arai gaining a strong foothold in the Retro performance helmet category. With the Dream and Speed Block collections, riders are sure to match their style to Arai’s "shape of protection".

So why Arai?

At Arai we have a saying; "what we are seeking to protect is priceless". To truly understand the "Value of Arai", we have put this video together for you. Check it out and learn more about why Arai have such a unique obsession with protection, and why they build the incredible helmets that they do.

The latest Winter 2021 range of Arai are available from Arai stockist Australia wide. To find your nearest store and see the latest Australian catalogue visit Arai Helmets AU.

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