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Press Release: Leatt unveil new 2023 Product Range at Eurobike

Leatt Unveils Its 2023 Product Range At Eurobike

Frankfurt, Wednesday 13 July 2022 - Leatt is thrilled to announce their first post-pandemic appearance at the global Eurobike trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Leatt’s product range, driven by the science of thrill and built around protection, has immensely grown in the past two years and is going to show a wide head-to-toe product range. Every product is developed to enhance the riding experience and increase the rider’s safety. At Eurobike 2022, for the first time Leatt presents its 2023 product novelties to the public. In all of the following segments there are completely new products: Gravity (Durable Performance Gear) Enduro (High Performance Gear) All MTN (Technical Riding Gear) Trail (Endurance Riding Gear) Hydradri (Outdoor Performance Gear) New 2023 Product highlights Helmet highlight: New 3.0 Enduro Helmet This is the first time Leatt have shown the new 3.0 enduro helmet, which is unique in that it has a 3-in-1 system, allowing the rider to choose exactly how much protection they want for their riding on any given day. Whether you wanting to ride uphill with a lightweight open face or quickly clip on the over ear pieces for more that feeling of extra protection, or ultimately clip on the chin bar to make it a full face for more technical downhill sections.

The new 3.0 enduro helmet has you covered. Moreover, in the Gravity segment the new 2.0 Gravity helmet is out on show. It is built off the great success of the 1.0 gravity helmet – one of Leatt’s best sellers - but with a twist. The 2.0 Gravity helmet will include high-quality finishing touches and great designs to appeal to the bike park riders. Shoe highlight: All-new rubber compound RideGrip Pro Leatt’s 2023 range of shoes will comprise 5 new models. All of them are a result of great customer and rider feedback. Aside from the other premium features, the new shoes all have the Leatt Lab developed tech, from the rubber compound RideGrip Pro to the WaffleGrip Pro sole pattern, giving riders that ultimate riding grip. The “Pro” version will have a 20% softer compound compared to the RideGrip and offers amazing bike traction. The new flat pedal shoes also feature the new WaffleGrip Pro sole patterns, an inverted version of the WaffleGrip in Leatt’s current range – this new pattern helps pedals with shorter pins lock into the shoe.

Apparel highlight: Hydradri bad weather line The relaunch of Leatt’s All Mountain gear is a product upgrade towards bad weather riding equipment and has an amazing scope for various outdoor applications. The 2023 collection has been separated from Leatt’s established All MTN range and is introduced as a brand new Hydradri range including monosuits, jackets and pants. This new fabric is designed to allow everything you need to keep riding when mother nature wants you to stay home. Hydradri is a Leatt Lab developed membrane which is available in three versions:

  • Hydradri Max 30K/30K

  • Hydradri Evo 20K/20K

  • Hydradri 10K/10K

Each of these is geared towards a specific waterproof and ventilation limit to suit what terrain or whether you are riding in.

Apparel highlights: New women’s apparel line Leatt is introducing various new apparel items to its 2023 range, from new pants in the gravity and trail ranges to new enduro jerseys; also the women's apparel family has grown for some new models. Stay tuned for more detailed information dropping in Autumn 2022.

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