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Leatt partner with the Commencal Enduro Team

Leatt are very proud to announce our partnership with the Commencal Enduro Team. This team is very well respected and they value the highest level of protection, which is why they have partnered with Leatt. "We have learned (the hard way) that wearing a neck brace can reduce the risk of devastating injuries. The whole team will be wearing the South African brand’s neck braces for races in 2021. Leatt is also our new goggle, glove and protection sponsor."

TEAM RIDERS (Manager) Cécile Ravanel @ravanel_mtb (Manager): Cedric Ravanel (PRO) Antoine Vidal @antoine_vidal07 (PRO) Alex Rudeau @alexrudeauofficiel (U21) Jack Piercy @jack_piercy01 (U21) Alizés Lassus @alizes_lassus

Cédric Ravanel will be splitting his time between managing the team and racing EWS-E Alex and Antoine will both be racing in the Pro category in the Enduro World Series. In 2020, Alex Rudeau repeatedly proved his ability to battle with the best; breaking into the top-five is his goal for the new season. Antoine Vidal could race in U-21 for another year. Still, we decided to ask the EWS to allow him to move into the Pro category early, and they agreed. Alizés and Jack both ride downhill and enduro. Jack and Alizés have the same goals for 2021: to aim for the top spots in the Junior category nationally and discover the international circuit.

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