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BikeRumor Review: Burley D’Lite X single seat child bike trailer is fun for kids even sitting still.

Check out the full review below, which covers the versatility and convenience of the latest trailer in the Burley lineup: the D'Lite X. BikeRumor covers all the practical everyday uses of the trailer & shows just how well Burley can handle any situation a parent can throw at it! " Not surprisingly, Burley makes a great kid’s bike trailer. Honestly what was more surprising was how well it works as a stroller/adventure wagon. The comfy ride combined with a spacious interior with panoramic windows and easy access to snacks and toy storage for the passenger clearly make this one a winner with small humans. And thanks to the various protections from the elements and a sea of accessories, the D’Lite X will help you seek out first rides and adventures all year long." Learn more about the D'Lite X and the rest of the Burley AU range with the new 2021 Catalogue available here.

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