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ARAI IOM 2020 RX-7V arrives in Australia in August!

Coming soon to Australia!! The latest addition to a collection of unique helmets honours TT spirit.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy may have been cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic (and the governmental health guidelines that are in place around Europe) but while the sound of racing motorcycles will not now echo down Bray Hill this summer one part of the annual festival will be available – the 2020 Isle of Man TT Limited Edition Arai RX-7V is to be released as planned.

The decision was made by Arai in order to honour the spirit of the TT in its absence and satisfy the legions of TT aficionados that look forward to the new design each year. Arai’s Isle of Man TT Limited Edition RX-7s have proved extremely collectable since the very first one which broke cover back in 2007. Every year the challenge is to draft something new using the same key elements and the 2020 design (with input from the legendary Drudi Performance) is simply breath taking. Using classic lines and a bold Black/Red/Gold colour combination to

great effect it also subtly holds the familiar TT-specific details, like Ellan Vannin (the Manx name for the Isle of Man) in Celtic-style lowercase script mirroring ISLE OF MAN either side of the central Arai logo, as well as the three legs of man – the famous triskelion – highlighted in Gold (against an outline of the 37.73mile/60.725km TT course) on the sides and chinbar. A stylised outline of the Senior Trophy, flanked by LIMITED EDITION tags are the finishing touches.

Due to arrive here in Australia in August 2020.

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