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Do you want to become a sponsored rider? At Motomuck, we want to help you guys and girls that compete regularly. Just fill out our form with all your details, and reap the rewards of being a Motomuck Racer. 

About our program
As avid racers and riders we know you need to look good at the starting line. Getting muddy and dirty is part of the job...and cleaning it off, well that just sucks. Don't worry, we're here to help. We've created our products to be a faster application process, and makes removing dirt and mud extremely easy. Just a simple spray of our cleaners, will loosen up the dirt and mud so when you spray it with water it falls right off. To show our support to you, we are offering it at an even lower price so that you can save some cash and spend it on entry fees and gas. Apply today and join our team.


No Brushes! No Effort!

5 Litres of Motomuck Original Cleaner. Can be used in conjunction with Motomuck squirter with tube, for easy application even in those upside down places.

Motomuck Original Cleaner is a product the Motorsport and enthusiast market has been crying out.

Motomuck Original Cleaner is a non-caustic, acid free cleaner that won’t start fading your trusty steed’s aluminium, alloy or plastics over a period of time. It will however cut through all that new or old grime, and bring out the original lustre that hides beneath that dirt.

The best thing about this cleaner is that will leave a protective film which will help prevent dirt sticking, and enhancing the surface finish.

No need for brushes to get in to those tight fiddly bits around the motor or elsewhere, just spray on a layer of Motomuck Original Cleaner, left on for 5-10 minutes, and then spray off.

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